Weight Loss Diet: From Keto To Vegan, Here Are Most Popular Weight Loss Diets

Here Are The Most Popular Weight Loss Diet

Intermittent Fasting Involves Changing Between Fasting And Eating On A Regular Schedule

The Ultralowfat Diet Can Help You Lose Weight Because It Contains Less Than 10 Of Its Calories From Fat

The Paleo Diet The Paleo Diet Is A Dietary Plan Based On Foods Similar To What Might Have Been Eaten 2.5 Million To 10000 Years Ago. It Includes Whole Foods Lean Protein Vegetables Fruits Nuts & Seeds. Processed Foods Sugar Dairy And Grains Are Not Included In This. Image Source: Istock

The Vegan Diet Is A Plantbased Diet That Excludes All Animal Products

The Lowcarb Diet Limits The Intake Of Carbohydrates Which Further Pushes The Body To Use Fat For Fuel

The Dukan Diet Is A Highprotein And Lowcarbohydrate Fad Diet