The Scary Story To Read, As Per Your Zodiac Sign

The Scary Story Will Be Read As Per Your Zodiac Sign

​Taurus: 'His Face All Red' By Emily Carrol As A Taurus The Thing That Scares You Is When Something Is Just A Little Off. This Story Inspires Sheer Terror Through Beautiful Illustrations And Subtle Spine-Tingling Hints At An Unimaginable Horror. Canva

​Gemini: 'The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde' By R.L. Stevenson Gemini Has Different Facets To Their Personality. You Have Got Your Studious Dorky Jekyll Side But Then Every Once In A While You Just Let Hyde Out. That'S Why This Is The Perfect Read For You. Canva

​Cancer: 'We Have Always Lived In The Castle' By Shirley Jackson You'Re Sensitive And Family-Oriented Signs. It Is A Short Claustrophobic Horror Novel About Young Merricat Blackwood Who Just Wants To Be Left Alone At Home With Her Family Or At Least The Family Members Who Are Still Living. Canva

​Leo: 'Frankenstein' By Mary Shelley If Any Sign Is Going To Go Full Victor Frankenstein And Start Messing With The Laws Of The Universe It'S Probably Going To Be Leo! Thus This Is The Book For You. Canva

​Virgo: 'Carrie' By Stephen King 'Carrie' Is The Perfect Book For The Careful Caring Virgo Who'S Trying To Stay In Control Of Their Extrasensory Perception. Canva

​Libra: 'The Amityville Horror' By Jay Anson You'Re A Pretty Balanced Person Libra. This Story Has A Perfectly Horrifying Balance Of True Crime And Paranormal Scares. Canva