Research Finds Cure For Baldness.Know Details

Hope Is Offered To Those Who Wish To Re Grow Their Hair

Baldness Is A Common Cause Of Worry For Older Adults

Research On Mice Research Was Conducted On Mice And Showed Favourable Results In Old And Young Ones Credit : Pexels

What Causes Balding? One Reason Is The Stiffening Of Hair Follicles With Increasing Age. This Makes Hair Difficult To Grow Credit : Pexels

Research Method Focus Area The Method Focuses On Softening Hair Follicles To Enable Them To Produce Hair Strnds Credit : Pexels

What Causes Softening Of Follices? Hair Growth In Mice Was Observed After Boosting Mir-205 Production By Stem-Cell Manipulation Credit : Pexels

Research Results After Mir-205 Boost Mice Started Growing Har In 10 Days Credit : Pexels