Plank Technique For A Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is the subject of a plank technique

Seven plank tips will help flatten your stomach

The right form is to keep your body straight from head to heels

You can use forearm and hand planks

Wrist strain can be avoided if you align your elbows or hands square beneath your shoulders

Your deep core muscles are activated when you pull your belly button toward your spine

Muscular oxygenation can be maintained by breathing in and out while keeping the posture

Duration: Start With 20-30 Seconds And Increase As Your Core Strength Increases. Start With A 1-2-Minute Plank.

Variations: After Mastering The Plank Try Side Planks Forearm Planks With Leg Lifts Or Plank Jacks To Test Your Muscles And Avoid Plateaus.