Near Disaster: $1.4 Billion Powerball Bonanza One Number Away

Unclaimed $1.4 Billion Bonanza : The Powerball'S Terrific Award Of $1.4 Billion Remaining Parts Unclaimed Producing Fervor Among Lottery Devotees. Unclaimed $1.4 Billion Jackpot:

Near-Miss In Midlands : Close Miss In Midlands: A Ticket Sold In The Midlands South Carolina Verged On Winning The Big Stake Missing It By Only One Number. The Ticket Matched Four White Numbers And The Red Powerball Number.

$50000 Consolation Prize: $50000 Incidental Award: While Not Raising A Ruckus Around Town The Ticket Holder From Downtown Columbia Will Get A $50000 Incidental Award From The South Carolina Training Lottery.

Amoco Gas Station : Amoco Service Station: The Triumphant Ticket Was Bought At The Amoco Corner Store At 1421 Gervais St. Found Only Two Blocks From The South Carolina State House.

Winning Numbers: Winning Numbers: The Triumphant Numbers For The Drawing Were 9 35 54 63 64 With The Powerball Number Being 1.

Claim Period And Anonymity: Guarantee Period And Secrecy: The Victor Has 180 Days To Guarantee The Award And South Carolina Permits Lottery Champs To Stay Mysterious Offering Them Protection.

Next Drawing And Odd: Next Drawing And Chances: The $1.4 Billion Bonanza Will Be Available To Anyone In The Following Powerball Drawing On Saturday Night. The Chances Of Winning The Bonanza Are 1-In-293 Million Making It A Difficult However Possibly Groundbreaking Open Door.

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