Italian Chocolate Walnut Cake Story

There Is An Italian Chocolate Walnuts Cake

The Recipe Is Easy To Follow And Will Satisfy The Sweet Tooth Of Any Italian Food Lover

Eggs Sugar Sunflower Oil And Dark Chocolate Are Included In The Recipe

How To Make Italian Chocolate Walnut Cake Preheat The Oven To 350°F And Line A 9 Inch Springform Pan With Parchment Paper. Swipe For The Full Recipe

Chop Your Walnuts Using A Food Processor Until You Have The Texture Of Sand. Swipe Now To Get Full Recipe

In A Large Mixing Bowl Combine The Egg Yolks And Sugar. Over A Bain Marie Or In The Microwave With Low Heat Melt The ⅔ Cup Dark Chocolate And Let Cool Until Slightly Warm To The Touch. Swipe For The Full Recipe

Whip Egg Yolks And Sugar With The Paddle Attachment Of Your Stand Mixer At High Speed. Swipe To Get Full Recipe

Mix Again At Medium Speed For A Few Moments Just Until Combined. Add The Sunflower Seed Oil And The Lukewarm Melted Dark Chocolate As Well As The Espresso Powder. Swipe For The Full Recipe

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