Iron-Rich Foods For Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Iron-Rich Foods For Babies Toddlers & Kids | Whole Foods Oct 17 2023

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Spinach: This Leafy Green Is A Versatile Addition To Your Child'S Meals From Smoothies To Pasta.

Lean Meats: Beef Poultry And Pork Are Rich Sources Of Heme Iron Easily Absorbed By The Body.

Beans And Lentils: Kids Can Enjoy Lentil Soup Chili Or A Plate Of Black Beans And Rice.

Fortified Cereals: Many Cereals Are Fortified With Iron Making Breakfast A Nutritious Start.

Tofu: Tofu Is A Plant-Based Option For Vegetarian Or Vegan Children And Can Be Seasoned To Taste.

Quinoa: This Grain Is An Excellent Iron Source And Can Be A Base For Various Kid-Friendly Dishes.

Raisins: A Small Snack-Sized Box Of Raisins Is A Portable Iron Boost For On-The-Go Kids.