Hair Care Tips: 10 Must-Try Herbs To Grow Hair Quickly

10 Musttry Herbs To Grow Hair Quickly

​Rosemary Rosemary Is Thought To Stimulate Hair Follicles Improve Circulation To The Scalp And Prevent Hair Thinning. You Can Make A Rosemary-Infused Oil By Steeping Dried Rosemary In Carrier Oil And Applying It To Your Scalp. Istock

​Lavender Lavender Has Been Used To Improve Hair Health And Promote Hair Growth. Its Calming Scent Can Also Help Reduce Stress Which Can Be Beneficial For Preventing Hair Loss. Istock

​Peppermint Peppermint Oil May Increase Blood Circulation To The Scalp And Stimulate Hair Follicles. Diluted Peppermint Oil Can Be Massaged Onto The Scalp Or Added To Shampoo. Istock

​Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Gel Contains Enzymes That Might Promote Healthy Hair Growth By Removing Dead Skin Cells From The Scalp And Unclogging Hair Follicles. Istock

​Ginseng Ginseng Is Believed To Promote Hair Growth By Stimulating The Hair Follicles. You Can Find Ginseng Supplements Or Use It As An Ingredient In Hair Masks. Istock

​Saw Palmetto Saw Palmetto Is Commonly Used For Promoting Hair Growth And Reducing Hair Loss Particularly In Cases Of Male Pattern Baldness. It'S Available As A Supplement. Istock

​Nettle Nettle Contains Vitamins And Minerals That Are Believed To Promote Hair Health. Nettle Extract Or Tea Can Be Used On The Scalp Or Consumed As A Supplement. Istock