Growing Roses Sustainably

3 Tips For Growing Roses Sustainably

Plant Your Roses In The Right Place 01 This Seems Like A No-Brainer  But You Know What They Say... Location Location Location!

Sunlight In Most Climates Roses Look Best When They Receive At Least Eight Hours Of Direct Sunlight A Day.

Consider Companion Planting 02 Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Garden.

Some Plants Are Made For Each Other Companion Planting Increases The Health Of Your Roses And Modulates Water Needs.

Rose Food 03 Nutrient-Rich Soil Is Key To Warding Off Common Plant Diseases.

Plant Nutrition Fertilize In Spring When Plants Show Six Inches Of New Foliage/Stem Growth. We Recommend Using An Ethically And Sustainably Sourced Fertilizer...

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