Foods To Consume On Alcohol Detox

Foods To Consume On Alcohol Detox

Hydration Matters: Hydration Matters: Fluid Replacement Is Necessary After Alcohol Dehydration. Stay Hydrated By Drinking Water All Day. Coconut Water And Herbal Teas May Also Hydrate.

Fruits And Veggies: Fruits And Veggies: Eat Plenty Of Fruits And Veggies. They Include Vitamins Minerals And Antioxidants For Cleansing And Wellness. Choose Leafy Greens Berries Citrus And Cruciferous Veggies Like Broccoli

Chicken turkey fish tofu and lentils are lean proteins

Whole grains brown rice and sweet potatoes are complex carbs

Brain function requires fats which include almonds and olive oil

Its important to have a healthy gut to improve digestion and health

Before using supplements be sure to check with a doctor