Foods That Are Good For Your Skin And Hair

Online There Are Foods That Are Good For Your Skin And Hair

Enhancingcollagen Production And Skin Regeneration Can Be Achieved Through The Use Of Antioxidant Vitamins C And Limonene

​Carrots Carrots Have Beta-Carotene Which Is Converted Into Vitamin A. Helps The Scalp Secrete Adequate Sebum. Image Source: Istock

​Broccoli Rich In Iron An Important Mineral For Hair Growth. Broccoli Is Also Good For Healthy Skin And Nails. Image Source: Istock

​Almonds Has Vitamin E For Healthy Scalp And Hair. Also Rich In Biotin Which Makes Your Nails Stronger. Image Source: Istock

​Spinach Has Lots Of Vitamin A Iron Beta Carotene Folate Etc Which All Can Give You A Healthy Scalp And Hair. Image Source: Istock

​Brown Rice Rich In Biotin That Prevents Hair From Becoming Brittle. Grains Like Barley Bulgar Wheat Etc Are Useful Too. Image Source: Istock

​Mushrooms They Are Rich In Vitamin D Which Is Said To Help Make The Scalp Healthy And The Hair Strong. Image Source: Istock

​Eggs Apart From Many Other Benefits Eggs Are Rich In Zinc And Selenium Essential For A Healthy Scalp. Image Source: Istock