Aaron Rodgers Says Psychedelic Tea Led To “Best Season Of My Career”

Sports Sports Aaron Rodgers Says Psychedelic Drugs Led To "Best Season Of My Career" Learn More

Aaron Rodgers Revealed On The Aubrey Marcus Podcast That His Past Use Of Psychedelic Drugs Not Only Helped Improve His Mental Health But Ultimately Led Him To The “Best Season” Of His Nfl Career.

Aaron Rodgers “To Me One Of The Core Tenets Of Your Mental Health Is That Self-Love.”

The Green Bay Packers Quarterback Said Ayahuasca A Psychoactive Tea Containing The Hallucinogenic Drug Dmt Helped Him “Unconditionally Love Myself.”

Aaron Rodgers “It’S Only In That Unconditional Self-Love That Then I’M Able To Truly Be Able To Unconditionally Love Others. And What Better Way To Work On My Mental Health Than To Have An Experience Like That?”

The Drug Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years As A Traditional Healing Method In Central And South America.

All In All Rodgers Said Ayahuasca Impacted His Life In More Ways Than He Could Have Ever Imagined.

Aaron Rodgers “I Laid There Afterward On My Mat And Then Opened My Eyes And It Felt Like I Was Opening My Eyes For The First Time...I Really Feel Like That Experience Paved The Way For Me To Have The Best Season Of My Career.”

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