12 New Features That Are Coming In Gta 6

Image Credit: Peakpx Gta 6 Is Rumored To Have A New Setting Known As "Project Americas" Which Includes Locations In Both Vice City And South America. Project Americas Setting

Image Credit: Peakpx Besides Vice City There Might Be Other Nods To Previous Gta Titles Allowing Players To Revisit Familiar Locations And Characters. Nostalgic Returns

Image Credit: Peakpx Enhancements In Wildlife Making The Game World Feel More Alive With A Variety Of Animals And Ecosystems. Wildlife

Image Credit: Marketwatch Gta Online Is Likely To Receive Significant Updates In Gta 6 With Expanded Multiplayer Features And Activities. Expanded Multiplayer

Image Credit: Pameranx Gta Games Are Known For Hidden Secrets And Mysteries And Gta 6 Is Likely To Continue This Tradition With Intriguing Map Secrets And Easter Eggs. Map Mysteries

Image Credit: Sportskeeda Rockstar Games Might Incorporate More Advanced Ai For Both Pedestrians And Law Enforcement Making The Game World Feel More Dynamic. Advanced Ai

Image Credit: Sportsmaner Gta 6 Might Offer Players The Ability To Purchase And Customize Apartments Similar To Gta Online. Apartements

Image Credit: Peakpx The Return Of The Ability To Dual-Wield Weapons For More Intense Combat Experiences Dual Weilding

Image Credit: Peakpx A More Complex And Branching Storyline With Player Choices That Impact The Narrative Could Be A Significant Addition To The Game. Branching Storylines