10 Daily Yoga Asanas For Kids To Develop Flexibility And Strength

10 Daily Yoga Asanas For Kids

The Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Is A Bridge Pose

Vrksasana Improves Balance And Concentration Strengthens The Thigh Muscles Calves And Ankles And Stretching The Legs And The Chest

Strengthens The Spine Stretches The Chest Shoulders And Buttocks And Might Be Good For Managing Breathing Problems Like Asthma

Cat Pose Marjaryasana Relaxes And Stretches The Spine Neck And The Organs Of The Abdomen

Flexibility Is Brought To Hip Flexor Function Andregulates The Digestive System By Bow Pose

The Frog Pose Stretches The Hips

Its Good For The Back Thighs And Hips And Gives A Stretch To The Knees And Feet

Butterfly Pose Baddha Konasana Stretches The Thighs Knees And Hips Regulates The Intestine And Bowel Movement And For Girls Provides Easy And Painless Menstruation